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Our vision is to establish as a top-tier university with a reputation for excellence in academics and professional preparation that fosters the development of exceptional leaders and entrepreneurs.

The academic program offered by the Entrepreneurship and Marketing department aims to provide various student groups with access to advanced information. We prepare our students for a professional career that will contribute to the social and economic growth of society through teaching, research, and practice. We aim to create corporate and organizational leaders of the highest caliber who can handle difficult situations and have a global vision.

· Graduates will be able to show that they have the skills and knowledge required to perform a variety of tasks for the department, the university, the business community, academic and other professional organizations, and have potential to become future entrepreneurs.

· Giving students the information and awareness, they need to understand marketing science and stay up with its current developments in order to build a committed workforce that is knowledgeable of the history of modern marketing.

· To provide students with the knowledge and practical skills needed to shape the growth of human capital and build a thriving society.

· Graduates will be skilled at putting theory into practice, with an emphasis on working with real-world case studies from the industry.

· Graduates will be capable in ethical leadership and all ethical facets of the business to be socially responsible.

· To increase students’ aptitude and capability in the advancement of knowledge through research in a high-tech society.

The digital age, which has taken over the corporate world, requires every aspiring entrepreneur to be well-prepared. These modern advancements can be your greatest assets, whether they involve automated procedures, social media marketing, or new technological tools.

Graduate with a degree that is recognized throughout the world, a doorway to additional study abroad, and advanced knowledge and skills that will set you apart in a tight-knit job market.

Innovation is crucial to entrepreneurship because it helps you develop ethical decision-making skills and steers your business practices toward supporting social objectives. It’s critical that you understand the value of building a future that benefits both your company and society as businesses place increasing emphasis on being socially responsible.

Graduates with skills is necessary to lead teams and projects. While completing real-world case studies, listening to guest lecturers from the business world, and attending guest lectures, you will participate in projects, placements, and internships with leading firms.

Innovation in entrepreneurship is crucial because it teaches you how to make moral decisions and pushes your business operations in the direction of supporting social objectives. You must learn the value of building a future that benefits your company and benefits society as businesses place more emphasis on being socially responsible.

Customers pay greater attention to a company’s overall strategy than to its products and services. Therefore, it’s crucial that you bear in mind contemporary social challenges and causes, which might range from utilizing renewable energy to attending to difficulties related to public safety.

Take advantage of a full co-curricular curriculum that includes national and international mooting competitions, practical work experience in the real world, holistic activities that will keep you active, healthy, and inspired.

Learning outcomes -Entrepreneurship and Marketing Program


· Students with major in entrepreneurship and marketing will be able to market themselves and concepts. Students develop their oral and visual presentation skills, as well as their foundational confidence in their ability to influence others.


· Students will display the effective leadership and teamwork abilities necessary to reach functional, organizational, and professional goals and make business-critical decisions.


· Students will show evidence of written and spoken communication skills as well as information literacy to help operational, marketing, and strategic planning initiatives succeed.


· Students will be able to examine and convey the business’s global, economic, legal, and ethical facets.


· Students will be able to articulate their understanding of the significance of the effects of diversity and globalization in contemporary organizations.


· Students can make a solid feasibility analysis and expert business strategy, write persuasive business reports that are relevant to be used in decision-making.


· Students will be able to demonstrate understanding of the most recent data, theories, and models, as well as methods and procedures, across all significant business disciplines.


· Entrepreneurship and Marketing major will strengthen students’ abilities in competitive analysis, iteration, customer validation, and customer development while applying design thinking and process tools to analyze challenges and projects in the real world.


· Entrepreneurship and Marketing major will provide the ability to mobilize personnel and assets, pursue target market, secure clients, stakeholders, and team members.

· Students are able to develop presentations and business plans that articulate and apply financial, operational, organizational, market, and sales knowledge to pinpoint ways to create value.


The Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics is pleased to welcome you to the Entrepreneurship and Marketing Department. This region’s and this country’s needs for economic growth have increased the demand for entrepreneurs in society and the Bureau of Labour Statistics predicts that employment in marketing fields will expand faster than most jobs over the next ten years. “CREATIVITY” is the factor that unites the two.
Hence, this undergraduate program was created to produce creative, goal-oriented, innovative professionals who will be equipped with about two majors. This will place a strong emphasis on entrepreneurship, which is perfect for developing a business idea, starting a new company, or growing an existing company. The second major is marketing, a subject that is always evolving. Throughout all marketing domains, the program involves applied learning and decision-making.
In order to change the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Iraq, there is an increasing need for business professionals. Incubation cell of university will fill the gap by providing educational resources, access to mentors from industry, technical assistance and advises from leaders that would alter the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Iraq, in this region.
Graduates seeking job after university will find plenty of opportunities with marketing that will contribute to bolstering Iraq’s innovative market and reshaping society with the development of the region.
University possesses strong relationship with local, regional and collaboration with international partners that would be an added advantage to advance experiential learning, professional growth and networking opportunities for students.
We commit to support the vision of the university to build professionals and entrepreneurs by fostering change in mindset and approach.
I extend the invitation to join and learn the cutting-edge, fascinating multi-discipline for establishing a prosperous career.

Entrepreneurship and Marketing Department

In order to view business opportunities from an entrepreneurial perspective, students need the academic background, fundamental business principles, improved pitching skills, product validation, development of a strong business model, and experiential learning opportunities, that come with entrepreneurship education. It improves learner’s capacity for strategic thought and financial literacy, fosters networking, encourages creativity, and broadens skill sets.

The curriculum teaches students how to spot market and business opportunities, how to work with limited resources and take calculated risks to add value for the consumer. This division seeks to boost the employability of graduates and their knowledge, skills, and abilities in terms of idea generation, feasibility analysis, how to legally form a business, locate funding, and increase sales.

Marketers play a key role in the development of new products and innovative tactics for exporting local brands. By offering courses in consumer behavior, marketing trends & research, international marketing, e-marketing, and personal selling, this department addresses a broad range of marketing topics. As businesses look for creative solutions to meet consumer and business demands, marketing positions are in high demand.

It provides a wide variety of excellent employment prospects in the fields of sales, branding, product promotion, market research, advertising, public relations, export, and international marketing.

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