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We seek to be a leading department, recognized internationally for its quality of educational and professional academics.

The Mission of the Marketing and Entrepreneurship Department B.Sc. degree program is to provide the students with successful business and management related careers in various type of organizations, enable them to start their own business, and for the pursuit of advanced degrees in Management related fields, through emphasizing on and educating fundamentals techniques, concepts, and managerial skills needed in the field of Management.

·         Graduates will be able to demonstrate necessary skills and knowledge to fulfill different positions to serve the department, the University, the business community, academic and other professional organizations, the local & international communities and become future entrepreneurs.

·         Graduates will be competent in team-building skills, analytical skills, quantitative skills, leadership skills, and soft skills in the fields of management and organizations.

·         Graduates will be able to apply critical thinking skills to work efficiently and effectively as a prospective employee or employer after their graduation.

·         Graduates will be able to apply theoretical knowledge practically with an emphasis of working on live case-studies from the industry.

·         Graduates will be competent in ethical leadership and all ethical aspects related to the business and management profession through specialized curriculum.

Graduates will have the ability to do research that focus on problems related to local and international organizations.

Graduate with an internationally respected qualification, with advanced knowledge and skills that will set you apart in a competitive job market and provide a pathway to future research or learning.

Graduate with the skills to lead people and projects. During your studies, you’ll hear from guest lecturers from industry, examine real-life case studies, and undertake projects, placements and internships with leading businesses.

Benefit from a strong co-curricular program that includes real-world experience in the profession; holistic events to help you stay healthy, engaged and motivated; and national and international mooting competitions.

By the end of this program, students will be able to:

1.      Analyze and communicate global, economic, legal and ethical aspects of business.

2.      Demonstrate effective leadership and collaboration skills needed to make business critical decisions, accomplish functional, organizational and professional goals.

3.      Demonstrate written and oral communication and information literacy competencies that support the effectiveness of strategic planning, marketing and operational activities.

4.      Evaluate and apply the effective use of technology to optimize business performance.

5.      Develop comprehensive solutions to business problems by synthesizing and evaluating information using qualitative and quantitative methods of reasoning and analysis.

6.      Generate ethics and social responsibility in organizations.

7.      Manage assignments individually, and in a group, and to have self-confidence for taking responsibility

8.      Generate a viable feasibility analysis and professional business plan.

9.      Produce effective written business reports related to the industry to be used for decision making.

10.  Identify the dynamics, advantages, and issues of diversity and in teams and international organizations.

Dear Students and guests welcome to the Business and Management Department. Our department was established in 2009 under the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics. Nowadays we are the largest department at the university with more than 400 students. We aim to educate leaders and managers of the future equipped with essential skills.

In the current atmosphere of the business world, dynamic changes create competitive demand for qualified specialists in the field of business, management, economics, marketing and quantitative studies. In that regard, we have updated our curriculum to reflect these on-going market dynamics in order to prepare our students to become competitive and socially responsible managers, leaders, entrepreneurs and employees.

Karwan H. Sherwani
Head of Business and Management Department
Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics

Why Business and management Department?

Marketing and Entrepreneurship Department

By thousands of brands internationally and some local potential brands, businesses need marketing professionals now more than ever to help them stand out from the crowd. Products, long before they become commercially available, rely on marketers to understand customer wants and needs and to help develop the where, when, and how the product will be sold. Marketing offers an in-demand career looking for creative solutions to business and customer demands. This department aims to create new ways to market the local brands to the international markets. In general marketing provides inclusive business areas such as for profit, non-profit organizations, and services. This department tackles an intensive range of marketing fields by providing courses of consumer behavior, marketing trends and research, international marketing, E-marketing, personal selling, promotions, and advertising, which will provide a new understanding in this field to the students.

On the other hand, Entrepreneurship provides students with the academic background and experiential opportunities needed to view business opportunities from an entrepreneurial perspective. The program helps students recognize market and business opportunities and learn when to grasp them or act, all while operating within the context of limited resources and creating value for the customer with calculated risks. The department contains numerous opportunities to experience entrepreneurship firsthand by making students more proactive, risk-takers, competitive and innovative. This department aims not only to make graduates employable and increase their employability skills but also focuses on developing students’ KSAs in term of idea generation, feasibility analysis, how to legally establish a company, how to create a product or service and find financial resources and generate sales.