• Learning outcomes -Entrepreneurship and Marketing Program

    · Students with major in entrepreneurship and marketing will be able to market themselves and concepts. Students develop their oral and visual presentation skills, as well as their foundational confidence in their ability to influence others.

    · Students will display the effective leadership and teamwork abilities necessary to reach functional, organizational, and professional goals and make business-critical decisions.

    · Students will show evidence of written and spoken communication skills as well as information literacy to help operational, marketing, and strategic planning initiatives succeed.

    · Students will be able to examine and convey the business’s global, economic, legal, and ethical facets.

    · Students will be able to articulate their understanding of the significance of the effects of diversity and globalization in contemporary organizations.

    · Students can make a solid feasibility analysis and expert business strategy, write persuasive business reports that are relevant to be used in decision-making.

    · Students will be able to demonstrate understanding of the most recent data, theories, and models, as well as methods and procedures, across all significant business disciplines.

    · Entrepreneurship and Marketing major will strengthen students’ abilities in competitive analysis, iteration, customer validation, and customer development while applying design thinking and process tools to analyze challenges and projects in the real world.

    · Entrepreneurship and Marketing major will provide the ability to mobilize personnel and assets, pursue target market, secure clients, stakeholders, and team members.

    · Students are able to develop presentations and business plans that articulate and apply financial, operational, organizational, market, and sales knowledge to pinpoint ways to create value.