In order to view business opportunities from an entrepreneurial perspective, students need the academic background, fundamental business principles, improved pitching skills, product validation, development of a strong business model, and experiential learning opportunities, that come with entrepreneurship education. It improves learner’s capacity for strategic thought and financial literacy, fosters networking, encourages creativity, and broadens skill sets.

The curriculum teaches students how to spot market and business opportunities, how to work with limited resources and take calculated risks to add value for the consumer. This division seeks to boost the employability of graduates and their knowledge, skills, and abilities in terms of idea generation, feasibility analysis, how to legally form a business, locate funding, and increase sales.

Marketers play a key role in the development of new products and innovative tactics for exporting local brands. By offering courses in consumer behavior, marketing trends & research, international marketing, e-marketing, and personal selling, this department addresses a broad range of marketing topics. As businesses look for creative solutions to meet consumer and business demands, marketing positions are in high demand.

It provides a wide variety of excellent employment prospects in the fields of sales, branding, product promotion, market research, advertising, public relations, export, and international marketing.