Members of Industrial Advisory Committee:


Mr. Murat Cinar
CEO, Korek Telecom
Mr. Harry Ahn
General Manager, LG Electronics - Iraq
Mr. Mohammed Salam
CEO, Meraki Ventures
Mr. Sarmad Rasheed
Business Development Manager, DAS Food Industries
Mr. Fayeq Ali
Head of Business and Management Department
Dr. Roopal Shrivastava
Acting Head of Entrepreneurship and Marketing Department

The Industrial Advisory Committee (INADCO) is formed with the goal of creating a bridge between industry (private/public/NGO and national/international institutions) and academics considering the latest requirements of the industry and incorporating necessary components in the curriculum regarding the overall development of the department.


Main Objectives of the INADCO: 

1- Development of 

  • Curriculum of the program,
  • Syllabus of the courses in the department,
  • Institutional relationships.

2- Increase the potential of

  • Mentorship,
  • Internship,
  • Scholarship,
  • Sponsorship,
  • Entrepreneurship,
  • Employability

for our students and graduands.  


Roles and Responsibilities of the INADCO:  

The roles and responsibilities of the Industrial Advisory Committee are as follows:

  • The Committee develops and recommends new or revised programme goals and objectives.
  • The Committee advises the department head on matters related to undergraduate, postgraduate, research and outreach programs, including but not limited to curricula, accreditation, new programs, recruitment of students and faculty, and investment of resources. 
  • The Committee shares the meeting minutes with the Dean and the President through the Dean’s Office.