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To be the leader in providing ethical and international accounting education in the region as well as world.

Banking and Finance department’s mission is to provide quality of education and research with international standards, ethical & human values to the students to carve them as future professional leaders. We strive continuously to prepare the students to equip modern concepts in accounting and face professional challenges by involving them to work closely with the industries.

· Graduates will be able to use the knowledge and skills consistent with the accounting profession.

· IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) as future accountants

· Graduates will apply critical, analytical problem solving and logical thinking skills which are inherent in the profession.

· Graduates will apply accounting theoretical knowledge practically by understanding the needs of the industry.

Graduates will exhibit self-discipline, consistency, accuracy and proactivity in their field work.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) about Banking and Finance Department

  • Why should I select the “Banking and Finance” department?

Accounting field is drastically improving in the region and became popular course among other courses. Accounting department at Tishk International University provides extensive knowledge on accounting courses starting from basic level to advanced level to match the requirements of the Industry.

Department has team of well experienced faculty members who have enthusiasm to serve student fraternity continuously. Department focuses on each and every students’ development towards academics, practical knowledge, ethics, creativity, analytical skill, communication skills, soft skills and makes him/her as socially responsible and challengeable person after graduating from the department.

  • What are the benefits of “Banking and Finance” department to students?

Every student will be given an opportunity to express his/her innovative thoughts to their lecturers. Teaching is done through learner centered system in air-conditioned classrooms with smart-board facility and computer labs are equipped with latest accounting software packages. Medium of instruction is completely in English for all courses. Every student will be given an opportunity to work in industry for 150 hours to gain practical knowledge during their internship. Students will do individual research in final year and submit to the department as thesis to improve their research oriented skills. Department invites specialists from the industry to share their expertise, current advancements in the industry and expectations from student fraternity. Department works continuously towards overall development of all students.

  • What type of opportunities available after graduation from “Banking and Finance” department?

Career development center at Tishk International University works vigorously to find the best companies to students to provide jobs to eligible students. Student will become Accountant basic level after graduation. Students can become specialists in accounting according their specialization like making accounts, maintaining accounts, internal auditing, independent auditing, cost accounting, and management accounting, and taxation. Students who wish to start their own business can run their business effectively with their accounting knowledge. Some of the jobs available in international companies are Senior Financial Analyst, Environmental Accountant, CPAs, Managerial Accountant, International Accountant, Chief Financial Officer, Cost Accountant Manager, Budget Analyst, Government Accountant, Cost estimator, Auditor, Treasury analyst, Tax Accountant, Credit Analysis Manager, Corporate Entertainment Accountant, Bookkeeper, Accounts Payable Clerk, Accounting Assistant, Auditing Clerk, and Accounting Software Developer. Students who wish to grow in “Accounting” field must write Certified Professional Accountant (CPA) exam or Chartered Accountant (CA) exam and can become auditor who will be accepted across the world in many Multi-National Corporations or Domestic companies in the region. Students will also study other major study fields in Business where they can get other jobs as per their skills and expertise like business management, marketing and research. Students who wish to become faculty members can go for master program, Doctor in Philosophy and post Doctor in Philosophy.

  • Acknowledge and understand ethical issues associated to accounting profession.
  • Prepare financial statements according to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
  • Employ critical thinking to examine and analyze financial data and effects of differing financial accounting methods on the financial statements.
  • Define the needs of the various users of accounting data and demonstrate the ability to communicate and recommend such data in transforming into useful information.
  • Apprehend fraud related circumstances and find preventives measures
  • Demonstrate an understanding of current auditing standards and acceptable practices, as well as the impact of audit risk on the engagement.
  • Understand the audit process from the engagement planning stage through completion of the audit, as well as the rendering of an audit opinion via the various report options.
  • Apply cost accounting methods to evaluate and project business performance.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the taxation of individual income.
  • Apply appropriate judgment derived from knowledge of accounting theory, to financial analysis and decision making.
  • The student will experience real-world learning and application of skills via their internship.

Welcome to Banking and FinanceDepartment under the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics (FASE). Department focuses on enhancing ethical values among students along with technical knowledge. We strive towards excellence in research in the stream of accounting. Future Students are advised to choose the department that possess logical thinking, analytical skills, communication skills and comprehending skills which creates more value in their tenure during studies at our department. Students will be graduated after rigorous training for four years which consists of eight semesters. Subject matter experts at our department design the curriculum according to the expectations of the market.
The accounting department has a strong faculty base who has an excellent academic track record, industrial exposure and strong research commitment. Our faculty in the department is our core strength which is committed to providing the best education to students in their respective areas of specialization. Every faculty member in the department tries to bring out the best in all students by giving them the opportunity to perform various extracurricular activities apart from education.
We are honoured to fulfil all your academic queries.

Dr. Waqar Ahmad

[email protected]

Why Banking and Finance Department?

Banking and Finance Department (BAF)

Banking and Finance Department consists of experienced faculty members who are dedicated in serving the students in terms of sharing the knowledge and enhancing technical skills in banking, finance and related fields. 

The curriculum in the department is developed by subject matter experts to meet the expectations and standards of the industry. The department continuously works to carve the students to be creative, logical, analytical, ethical and expressive. 

All students in the Banking and Finance Department will have mentors so that they get the opportunity to express their ideas. The department strives towards the overall development of all students by involving them in extra-curricular activities, club activities and industrial visits. 

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