Minor Areas in Finance and Banking Department

The Department of Finance and banking is happy to announce the introduction of four exciting Minor Areas designed to enhance your academic journey in the Department. These minors have been carefully crafted to provide you with valuable skills and insights in specialized areas, complementing your primary major and broadening your horizons.

Earning a minor allows you to learn more about a specific subject area. It’s often helpful to choose a minor that complements your major as Finance and Banking Graduate. We encourage you to decide and select one of the minor areas to have secondary specialization beside your major area of Finance and Banking, the importance of minor area is that your Carrer will be clear what you want to become in the future either in academia or in practice, to complete any minor area, you must take five courses (15 credits) from the minor selected.

  1. Minor in Accounting
  2. Minor in Business Management
  3. Minor in International Economics
  4. Minor in Political Economy