About Department

The Finance and Banking Department consists of experienced faculty members who are dedicated to serving the students by sharing knowledge and enhancing technical skills in banking, finance, and related fields.

The curriculum in the department is developed by subject matter experts to meet industry expectations and standards. The department continuously strives to cultivate students who are creative, logical, analytical, ethical, and expressive.

All students in the Finance and Banking Department will have mentors so that they get the opportunity to express their ideas. The department strives towards the overall development of all students by involving them in extra-curricular activities, club activities and industrial visits. 



Why should I select the “Finance and Banking” Department?

  •  The Finance and Banking Department at TIU is committed to providing its students with a world-class education with a faculty of experienced professors who are experts in their respective fields.
  • The department provides students with practical training opportunities, which enable them to develop their skills and gain real-world experience in the finance and banking industry. This can include internships, industry projects, and guest lectures from professionals in the field.
  • A degree in Finance and Banking from TIU can open up a range of exciting career opportunities in the financial services industry.
  • Studying in the Finance and Banking Department provides students with an opportunity to learn about different financial systems and cultures, which can be an invaluable experience for those looking to work in the global financial industry.
  • Studying in the Finance and Banking Department at Tishk International University provide students with a high-quality education, practical training, and exciting career opportunities in the banking and financial services industry both locally and internationally.




What are the Benefits of the “Finance and Banking” Department to the Students?

For Finance and Banking, it is important to make sure that critical decisions can be taken correctly.  Finance and Banking courses teach the subject-specific knowledge and skills such as Customers; Finance; Operations, Banking and Finance Communication; Information Technology and FinancePolicy and Strategy, required for handling such decisions that are best suited for the organization.  The Finance and Banking Department provides both managerial and administrative training to prepare you for a range of diversified careers.  With Banking and Finance studies, one learns to manage people with respect to solve problems, issues and grievances of the employees, motivating the employees to work better and what each employee can deliver.  Such aspects help the Banking operations to work efficiently in order to achieve a common goal.  The Finance and Banking course is designed to develop and improve your existing knowledge and skills in the areas of planning and organizational perspective of administration and also induce leadership qualities.  At Tishk International University, the Finance and Banking Department the righteous option for students to choose and specialize in their elective courses.


What type of opportunities available after graduation from the “Finance and Banking” Department?

Upon graduation from the “Finance and Banking” Department, one can attain a job opportunity in any sector of the market.  The finance and banking sector itself offers a wide range of jobs, including positions in investment and assets management, risk management, commercial banking, investment banking, financial analysis, Insurance, and wealth management. Finance and Banking studies also provide jobs in mid-level and upper-level management positions in various sectors such as banking, financial services, manufacturing, fashion, medicine, media, etc.  A graduate from our department can gain many opportunities from financial consulting firms, insurance companies, multinational corporations, government agencies, and regulatory bodies. Graduates can also be able to start their own businesses or venture into academia for research and teaching roles. The field of Banking and Finance is gaining popularity in Kurdistan Region, and the opportunities are abundant for graduates of the “Finance and Banking” Department.



Program Outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes

  • To develop students’ knowledge and critical understanding of theories, concepts and research findings relating to the multidisciplinary fields of banking and Finance.
  • To give the students the desired skills for a successful career in banks and financial institutions. Some possible careers include: (Banker, Credit analyst, Economist, Financial/economic analyst, Loan officer, insurance agent, investment analyst)
  • To acquire a solid understanding of fundamental concepts in finance and banking, students will utilize modern tools to organize and summarize economic and financial data.
  • To gain comprehensive knowledge of banking and financial institution products and services, and develop the ability to effectively manage and offer them to customers.
  • To deliver expert consultation to customers regarding bank financing, investment, and risk management matters, offering comprehensive answers to their questions and addressing their queries and concerns.
  • To assess the financial performance and activity of various types of enterprises and evaluate their results.
  • To perform an empirical academic study, using quantitative and analytical methods.
  • To conduct inspections and evaluations of financial decisions and activities.