Program outcome:

  • To develop students’ knowledge and critical understanding of theories, concepts and research findings relating to the multidisciplinary fields of banking and Finance.
  • To give the students the desired skills for a successful career in banks and financial institutions. Some possible careers include: (Banker, Credit analyst, Economist, Financial/economic analyst, Loan officer, insurance agent, investment analyst)
  • To acquire a solid understanding of fundamental concepts in finance and banking, students will utilize modern tools to organize and summarize economic and financial data.
  • To gain comprehensive knowledge of banking and financial institution products and services, and develop the ability to effectively manage and offer them to customers.
  • To deliver expert consultation to customers regarding bank financing, investment, and risk management matters, offering comprehensive answers to their questions and addressing their queries and concerns.
  • To assess the financial performance and activity of various types of enterprises and evaluate their results.
  • To perform an empirical academic study, using quantitative and analytical methods.
  • To conduct inspections and evaluations of financial decisions and activities.