Dear High School Graduands,

Congratulations for successfully graduating from high school ! Now is the time to start a new journey of your academic life.

Tishk International University invites you to consider a visit to Entrepreneurship and Marketing Department, Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics (FASE). The Entrepreneurship and Marketing Department provides dual major. The course is industry and project oriented that fulfils the current market demand. Our department gives exposure to students through internship, mentorship, student exchange programme guidance from leading marketing practitioners, student clubs and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Our faculty consists of instructors with wide national and international experience. Tishk International University is embedded with modern infrastructure where the latest technological innovations are applied. We look forward seeing you at campus and build a future together.

For further information and details, kindly contact the admissions office and visit our department.

Your future is here!
Dr. Roopal Shrivastava
Head of Department, Entrepreneurship and Marketing