Why Business and Management Department?

  • To make graduates demonstrate the necessary skills and knowledge to fulfil different positions to serve the department, the university, the business community, academic, and other professional organizations, the local & international communities, and become future entrepreneurs.
  • To prepare graduates competent in team-building skills, analytical skills, quantitative skills, leadership skills, and soft skills in management and organizations.
  • To make graduates apply critical thinking skills to work efficiently and effectively as a prospective employee or employer after their graduation.
  • To make graduates apply theoretical knowledge practically with an emphasis on working on live case- studies from the industry.
  • To prepare graduates competent in ethical leadership and all ethical aspects related to the business and management profession through specialized courses.
  • To make graduates show the ability to do research that focuses on problems related to local and international organizations.
  • We strongly suggest/recommend the Business and Management Department of TIU to all applicants, the rationale behind our suggestion/recommendation is that.
  • We offer MA/MSc programs to the graduates.