Mission & Vision


Business and Management Department offers academic programs intended to provide a gateway to advanced knowledge for various student groups. We prepare our students for a professional career through teaching, research and practice who will contribute to the social and economic development of society.


We seek to be a leading department, recognized internationally for its quality of educational and professional academics.


  • Graduates will be able to demonstrate necessary skills and knowledge to fulfill different positions to serve the department, the University, the business community, academic and other professional organizations, the local & international communities and become future entrepreneurs.
  • Graduates will be competent in team-building skills, analytical skills, quantitative skills, leadership skills, and soft skills in the fields of management and organizations.
  •   Graduates will be able to apply critical thinking skills to work efficiently and effectively as a prospective employee or employer after their graduation.
  • Graduates will be able to apply theoretical knowledge practically with an emphasis of working on live case-studies from the industry.
  • Graduates will be competent in ethical leadership and all ethical aspects related to the business and management profession through specialized curriculum.
  • Graduates will have the ability to do research that focus on problems related to local and international organizations.