Milad Malko Noh
CEO of Ladera Group

Business and management department is one of the key success that I have had for pursuing my own idea to the next level of being proactive and innovative in the market. FASE from TIU not only equipped me with the core subjects of the business discipline but also build confidence in me to plan and build a better future for me and others around me with involving us with many extracurricular activities. The reason of my career and business success is strongly related to what I have been learnt from FASE, academic and non-academic staff of the faculty are wonderful and were really helpful, and for that reason I am really thankful to all, and wish the same thing happen to those which want to join the same faculty in the future, I am sharing the pure and right feeling of mine so be FASE student which you are never going to regret.
“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful“ Albert Schweitzer

Dania Bajalan
Norwegian People’s Aid- Deputy Finance Manager- BGH

Studying business and Management department at the TIU was very much helpful and related to my current position, I have learnt a lot and benefited from my studies developing myself.

Hazhar Peshawa
Director of Edify Ads

Being Frank, if I could I would go for one more 4 years of business and management department, so that I could take other elective subjects too.

I learned a lot from marketing courses, entrepreneurship courses, management and accounting courses, that all of them somewhere in my business life made my job easier.

From the motion study, to the very end of thesis it was helping.