TIU and Empire World Sign MoU with FASE Initiative

Tishk International University (TIU) and Empire World signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate and work together towards mutual benefits. The MoU signing ceremony was held on 7th March 2023 at the TIU Erbil campus. The MoU, which was initiated by the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics (FASE), aims to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and expertise among academic and industry partners in business, entrepreneurship, marketing, accounting, and finance.

The MoU outlines the terms and conditions of the partnership, which will focus on a range of initiatives including joint research projects, social responsibility projects, certificate programs, and internship and mentorship opportunities for students. 

The signing ceremony was attended by senior officials from both institutions, including Dr. Abdul Samad (the President of TIU), Dr. Mehmet Ozdemir (Vice President), Dr. Fatih Cura (Vice President), Prof. Dr. Osman N. Aras (Dean of FASE), Mr. Karwan H. Saeed (Vice Dean of FASE), Dr. Mohammad Salih (Head of Department-IRD), Dr. Waqar Ahmad (Head of Department – Accounting and Finance & Banking), Mr. Fayeq Ali (Head of Department – Business & Management and Entrepreneurship & Marketing), Mr. Roj P. Agha (Representative of the Chairman of Empire World) and Dr. Samer H. Alssabagh (CFO – Empire World).

Speaking at the ceremony, Dr. Abdul Samad, President of the TIU expressed his excitement about the partnership and the opportunities it will create for both parties. Mr. Roj P. Agha, Representative of the Chairman of Empire World, also expressed their enthusiasm for the collaboration, highlighting the importance of benefits for Empire World.

The event concluded with the official signing of the MoU by Dr. Abdul Samad and Mr. Roj P. Agha. This MoU signing ceremony marks the beginning of a fruitful collaboration between TIU and Empire World, and both parties are looking forward to working together toward achieving their shared goals.