TIU and Meraki Ventures Sign MoU with the Initiative of the FASE

Tishk International University has taken a significant step towards fostering academia-industry collaboration by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Meraki Ventures. This agreement, which was initiated by the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics (FASE), is aimed at facilitating the exchange of knowledge and expertise between the academic and industry partners in the fields of business, entrepreneurship, marketing, accounting and finance.

As per the terms of the MoU, Tishk International University (TIU) and Meraki Ventures will engage in a variety of initiatives such as joint research projects, social responsibility projects, workshops, and internship and mentorship opportunities for students. This partnership will enable students to gain practical experience and exposure to the industry while also providing valuable insights and feedback to the industry partners. This collaboration is expected to result in mutually beneficial outcomes for both parties involved, including the development of innovative solutions, the enhancement of academic and industry practices, and the promotion of entrepreneurship and sustainable business practices.

The signing ceremony was attended by senior officials from both institutions, including Dr. Abdul Samad (the President of TIU), Dr. Mehmet Ozdemir (Vice President), Prof. Dr. Osman N. Aras (Dean of FASE), Mr. Karwan H. Saeed (Vice Dean of FASE), Dr. Mohammad Salih (Head of Department-IRD), Dr. Waqar Ahmad (Head of Department – Accounting and Finance & Banking), Mr. Fayeq Ali (Head of Department – Business & Management and Entrepreneurship & Marketing), Mr. Muhammad Salam (the CEO of Meraki Ventures), Mr. Zafer Agha (Account Executive – Meraki Ventures), and Ms. Solin (Meraki Ventures).

Speaking at the event, Dr. Samad, the President of TIU, emphasized the importance of academic-industry collaboration in driving innovation and socio-economic development. “We believe that partnerships between academia and industry are critical for fostering innovation and capacity building,” said Dr. Samad.

Mr. Salam, the CEO of Meraki Ventures, also expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership. “Through this collaboration, we hope to leverage our expertise and resources to support the development of new ideas and solutions that will benefit the economy and society as a whole.” said Mr. Salam.

In his closing remarks, the Dean of FASE, Prof. Dr. Aras highlights: “The signing of the MoU marks a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts by TIU to strengthen ties with the business community and invest in research, innovation, and human capital to achieve the country’s key socio-economic goals.”

The event concluded with the official signing of the MoU by Dr. Abdul Samad and Mr. Muhammad Salam.