Meeting with the Student Representatives


Meeting with the Student Representatives The Dean of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics, Prof. Dr. Osman Nuri Aras, held a meeting with the Faculty Student Representative and the Department Student Representatives of Business and Management, Accounting, Banking and Finance, and International Relations and Diplomacy on the 26th of December. Dr. Hamdi Serin, the Faculty Representative of the Dean of Students, was also present at the meeting. Prof. Dr. Aras appreciated the student representatives who are actively spending effort to turn the faculty into a better place for students and staff. The Dean emphasized that the student representatives have a significant role because they act as a bridge between [...]

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First Class Representatives Meeting


First Class Representative Meeting of 2022-2023 On the 19th of October, Dr. Hamdi Serin held a meeting at Tishk International University with the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics class representatives and all the research assistants of the faculty. The main goal of the meeting was to elect the departmental and faculty representatives by letting the class representatives vote in a democratic way. At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Hamdi Serin gave a speech about the responsibilities of the positions they are being elected for and how important their roles will be. Dr. Hamdi Serin also showed everyone the [...]

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FASE Research Assistants Meeting


FASE Research Assistants Meeting The Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics at Tishk International University held a meeting on the 5th of October between Dr. Hamdi Serin, Representative of Student Affairs at FASE, and the faculty’s research assistants: Mohamed Khdr, Omar Falah, Heba Srud, Bayad Sarwar, Thikra Mohammed, Ahmed Ayub and Kadhim Saeed. Four of whom were new additions to the faculty staff. The meeting aimed to introduce the new research assistants to each other and Dr. Hamdi Serin. The goal of the meeting was also to discuss the plans Tishk International University has for this year and to assign duties to the research assistants. At the beginning of [...]

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