Faculty’s Visit to Korek Telecom

The Dean and Vice Dean of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics at Tishk International University undertook a significant visit to Korek Telecom, a leading telecommunications provider in the region. This purpose of the visit was to explore prospective collaborative ventures between our university and Korek Telecom. During the visit, the delegation had the honour of engaging in a productive meeting with Mr. Murad Cinar, the CEO of Korek Telecom. This valuable opportunity facilitated in-depth discussions regarding diverse avenues of cooperation that could be mutually beneficial for both parties involved.

During the meeting, the Dean expressed his enthusiasm for establishing a strong partnership with Korek Telecom, highlighting the mutual benefits it could bring to both institutions. He emphasized the importance of bridging the gap between academia and industry, aiming to provide students with practical exposure and real-world experience in the fields of telecommunication business, marketing, human resources, sales, etc. The collaboration would also enable Korek Telecom to tap into the pool of talented students and researchers at the university, fostering innovation and technological advancements.

Mr. Murad Cinar, CEO of Korek Telecom, reciprocated the enthusiasm and expressed his interest in forging a partnership with the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics. He acknowledged the importance of academia-industry collaboration and stressed the potential for joint research projects, internships, and training programs. The meeting concluded with both parties agreeing to further discussions and deliberations to formalize the collaboration, with the shared vision of enriching educational opportunities.