FASE Research Assistants Meeting

The Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics at Tishk International University held a meeting on the 5th of October between Dr. Hamdi Serin, Representative of Student Affairs at FASE, and the faculty’s research assistants: Mohamed Khdr, Omar Falah, Heba Srud, Bayad Sarwar, Thikra Mohammed, Ahmed Ayub and Kadhim Saeed. Four of whom were new additions to the faculty staff.

The meeting aimed to introduce the new research assistants to each other and Dr. Hamdi Serin. The goal of the meeting was also to discuss the plans Tishk International University has for this year and to assign duties to the research assistants.

At the beginning of the meeting, the new research assistants and Dr. Hamdi Serin got to know each other better. Then the duties and responsibilities, which should be handled during the academic year, were assigned and distributed amongst the research assistants. The staff were asked what preferences and skill sets they possessed so that the duties could be assigned relatively.

All the research assistants were engaged during the meeting and showed great interest in the topics discussed. Much interest was also shown for future student events such as clean & love Kurdistan, where many research assistants volunteered to take on the responsibilities and organize the event. Clean & Love Kurdistan is an activity that the staff of Tishk International University have with their students, in which they go to a common picnic area in Kurdistan and clean up the litter to promote recycling.

Tips on how to keep Kurdistan clean and avoid waste are shared. Other topics were also discussed and planned for, such as sports activities, like hiking, as well as sports tournaments which will be held, much like the upcoming table tennis tournament and the chess tournament. After discussing the extracurricular activities, Dr. Hamdi Serin talked about the Prophet Mohammed’s birthday (PBUH), which is coming up and how the faculty wishes to participate in the celebration. 

The Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics is one of the most demanded faculties in the university. It has the highest number of students and is constantly trying to expand and improve itself. The Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics was launched at Tishk International University in 2008 with the Business and Management department. Three additional departments were launched in the years 2014 and 2015, which are: AccountingBanking and Finance and International Relations and Diplomacy departments.

Finally, the research assistants and Dr. Hamdi Serin had lunch together and discussed the future meetings which will be held monthly in which the duties and responsibilities for the current monthly events will be assigned and planned for once again. Dr. Hamdi Serin also expressed his excitement for the new staff to join the faculty and showed how much he believes that the new staff will help push the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics forward this academic year.

The Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics initially launched with the Department of Business and Management amid the establishment of Tishk International University in 2008. Three additional departments were formed in 2014-2015: Accounting DepartmentBanking and Finance Department, and the International Relations and Diplomacy Department.

Currently, our faculty is ranked as the most demanded faculty of the university, comprising the highest number of students. This is highly accredited to how efficiently our students are equipped with the highest standards of knowledge and soft and hard employability skills required to fill the market gap and prepare the best graduates, an essential element for national development and prosperity.