Yousif Srud Bilal

As an alumna of the International Relations Department, I am honored to share my testimonial and express my profound gratitude for the transformative educational experience I received during my time there. The International Relations Department not only equipped me with a comprehensive understanding of global affairs but also instilled in me a profound appreciation for diverse cultures and perspectives.

The faculty members in the department were exceptional in their expertise and commitment to nurturing critical thinking and analytical skills. Their passion for international relations was infectious and inspired me to explore complex issues, challenge conventional wisdom, and develop a nuanced understanding of the world we live in. The professors not only imparted theoretical knowledge but also shared practical insights from their own experiences, enriching our learning journey.

One aspect that truly sets the International Relations Department apart is its emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches. Through a wide range of courses, I was able to explore various disciplines such as economics, history, political science, and sociology, among others. This interdisciplinary approach broadened my perspective and allowed me to connect the dots between different fields of study, preparing me to navigate the complexities of global issues with a holistic mindset.
Moreover, the department provided ample opportunities for hands-on learning and engagement beyond the classroom. I had the privilege of participating in various simulations, conferences, and internships, which enhanced my practical skills and exposed me to real-world challenges in international relations.
Lastly, the department’s commitment to supporting its alumni extends well beyond graduation. Even after completing my studies, I have continued to benefit from the extensive alumni network, career resources, and mentorship opportunities provided by the department. This ongoing support has been instrumental in my professional growth and has opened doors to new opportunities.
Shahd Abdulelah Abdullah
Research Assistant
The International Relations and Diplomacy department equips graduates with a deep understanding of global politics, international law, diplomacy, and intercultural communication. This department provides a strong foundation for pursuing careers in various sectors such as government, international organizations, non-profit organizations, think tanks, and private corporations.
I advise the future students of the department to do more research and understand the field of international relations and diplomacy. Explore different subfields within the discipline, such as security studies, international law, global governance, or development studies. This will help you identify your areas of interest and align them with the programs offered by various universities.
Mohammad Samad
Vice principal of Koshish School
I am honored to share my testimony about the outstanding education I received from Tishk International University’s International Relations and Diplomacy Department. Its commitment to excellence and practical learning shaped my career and personal growth. The curriculum, meticulously designed to offer a comprehensive view of global issues, provided hands-on experiences through engaging debates, immersive Model UN simulations, insightful projects, and practical applications. This foundation proved invaluable as I now serve as Vice Principal, using effective communication and conflict resolution skills in nurturing a diverse learning environment for our students.