About Department

International Relations & Diplomacy (IRD) is one of the four departments in the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics, together with the Business and Management, Banking and Finance, Marketing and Entrepreneurship and Accounting. The department offers a four-year undergraduate study programme for the degree of Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy with a unique opportunity. Department of IRD offers qualifications of general knowledge in politics and diplomacy, having diplomatic skills in the study of peace, security, negotiation, international law, mediation, and reconciliation with a wide range of undergraduate research.


Our aim is to prepare students/ graduates who have the capacity to perform in any administration or sectors whether local, foreign, private or public. The department gives analytical thinking to the students as well as technical skills in political and diplomatic areas. Apart from the education, the department provides students extra-curricular activities and departmental visits to relevant institutions and diplomatic/consular missions, with faculty members who are dedicated to serving them. The teaching method and curriculum of the department are practice-oriented.


Why should I select the “International Relations and Diplomacy ” Department?

We strongly suggest/recommend International Relations & Diplomacy department to the new applicants at TIU.

1- The department offers quality education in all major areas of International Relations, Political Science and Diplomacy.

2- The department offers both theoretical knowledge and practical experience in related areas of international relations and diplomacy.

3- The department endeavours to engage students with the real-life translation of each major course taught theoretically.

4- The department invests highly in preparing students for the highly competitive labour market in the region and around the world.

5- The department works hard to equip students with the required knowledge, skills and experience for them to find their position in the society once they graduate.

6- Through collaboration with other academic institutions, partner universities and organizations, the department attempts to provide learning and experience in related fields of work.

7- The educational curriculum of the department has been developed to ensure that students learn an advanced level of research and analysis.

8- Once successfully graduated, graduates will have a much better chance of finding their way on the job ladder locally, nationally, and internationally.

9- If interested to pursue their career in higher education, the department is a unique opportunity and a great starting point.


  •  Graduates will be competent in related areas of politics, international relations and diplomacy.

  • Graduates will have the ability to define the major trends of national, regional and global politics.

  • Graduates will be prepared to peruse their future career in the labor market in their related area of study.

  • Graduates will be able to conduct scientific research and investigation in their field of study.

  • Graduates will have the ability to employ timely analytical, negotiation and diplomatic skills, required for pursuing a successful career in the related areas of diplomacy and consular services.