Measuring The Online Purchase Intention Through the Augmented Reality Technology in Iraq

Student Name: Taha Kanaan Taha

The Augmented Reality – (AR) technology is one of the most exciting technologies in the world, and several research studies have been done regarding how this technology affects and how it works. However, this study examines if the people have the intention to Augmented Reality – AR technology in Iraq region. For this purpose, a questionnaire has been prepared to collect data and information from interviewees from all of Iraq. And for this manner, the method that has been used is the primary qualitative method and structured interview, and 400 samples were collected. Moreover, for this research study, SPSS version 26 has been used to analyze the data collection. The regression and frequency analysis has been used, and as a result, the statical analysis showed that there is intention to use Augmented Reality – (AR) in Iraq, and the people are accepting the technology, as for the factors, the intention to use Augmented Reality – (AR) technology is slightly affected by (Performance Expectancy), (Effort Expectancy), (Social Influence), (Attitude Toward Using AR), and mostly by (Performance Expectancy).