A The Impact of Leadership Styles on The Performance of The Employees

Student Name: Raghad Firas Jabbar  

Companies or organizations aims to achieve the determined goals and objectives, which may consist of consumer satisfaction or profit margin. in order to achieve the desired objectives, it is important to consider the human element. the most important part in the human element is the Leader. A leader builds vision and provides a clear path for the followers to complete the tasks, while also giving motivation and inspiring them to developed themselves, expand their knowledge and improve their skills. therefore, leadership starts with the ability to impact the followers in a positive way in order to make them attain desired goal. Moreover, having emotional intelligence in a leader is an important factor, which it allows the leader to understand the follower’s personality better and being able to make the right decisions that will suit every individual’s circumstances. therefore, knowing and understanding Leadership styles and how to acquire them is very important for a leader to learn and to acquire. Leadership styles includes Transformational, Transactional, Authoritative, and Laissez-Fair Leadership. each has its own purpose, and it is an important trait for the leader to have. some leaders stay consistent with one style with the followers which leads to disruption, misunderstanding and misleading, and results in inefficient performance. consequently, knowing the importance of the different styles of Leadership along with focusing on Emotional Intelligence will result in better performance by the employees. this will help organizations to accomplish their required objectives while maintain and developing their employees with a high-performance level.  

In this research, the impact of different leadership styles on the performance of the employees will be discussed of Tishk International University that is available in Kurdistan region of Iraq.