Online Vs. Offline Shopping, Impact Of Covid-19 On The Digitalization Process: A Case Study Of Erbil City  

Student Name: Ahmed Yahya Ahmed

Authors did several types of studies about the Online shopping after Covid-19 and digitalization process. However, the current study investigate the impact of Covid-19 and digitalization process on offline and online shopping in Erbil city. A questionnaire gathered the information from respondents in Erbil city. In this study, the approach to this research is quantitative and connected to primary data. One hundred fifty samples of business owners and managers were used to complete the sample size. Continually, the survey is limited to statistical examination only (141) sample collected. Moreover, the study used SPSS version 26 to analyze the data collection. The researcher analyzed the correlation between customer satisfaction  and digital transformation. The results show a strong relationship between both of the variables. Since Pearson correlation is R=0.849 near the value 1, it is a strong positive correlation and significant equal to 0.000, Also, the researcher analyzed the regression between impact of the pandemic and sales. The results show the value of B for the impact of the pandemic is 0.727, statistically significant with (P= 000), which indicated that every unit increases in the impact of pandemic, 0.727 units were also expected to increase in the pandemic increased my sales. Furthermore, the t-test result shows that significant equal to 0.000, which is less than the 0.05. So, equal variance is not assumed between a group of male and female.