Visit to LG Headquarters

The Dean and Vice Dean of FASE have recently met with Mr. Harry Ahn, General Manager of LG, to discuss exciting collaborative opportunities. Their focus centred on providing internships, workplace experiences, and Mr. Ahn’s involvement as an industry adviser and instructor for the Industrial Experience Course. This partnership aims to enhance student learning and industry engagement, fostering a stronger connection between academia and the corporate world.
Impressed by Mr. Ahn’s wealth of industry experience, the Dean and Vice Dean extended an invitation to him to join the Industry Advisory Committee of the Business and Management – Entrepreneurship and Marketing Department. This committee comprises industry leaders who provide valuable guidance and expertise, ensuring that the curriculum remains relevant and aligned with industry demands. Moreover, they requested Mr. Ahn’s participation in teaching an Industrial Experience Course, where he can share his insights and practical knowledge with students, further enriching their learning experience.
As the meeting concluded, the Dean and Vice Dean extended their gratitude to Mr. Ahn and LG for their warm reception and expressed their enthusiasm for the future collaborative endeavors between the university and LG.