On 23rd August 2023, the Department of Finance and Banking represented by Head of Department Dr. Abubakar B. Karaye, Vice Dean of Faculty of Administrative Sciences (FASE) Mr. Karwan Sherwani, and the Dean of the Faculty Prof. Dr. O. Nuri Aras paid an important visit to the main office of Kurdistan International Islamic Bank (KIIB). A highly productive meeting was held between the representatives of Tishk International University (TIU) and Mrs. Maha Al-Khayat, the Executive Manager of the International Department at KIIB. The meeting aimed to explore potential areas of collaboration between the bank and the department, fostering mutual benefits, and enhancing academic-industry partnerships.

The meeting commenced with warm greetings and introductions that set a positive tone for the discussions. Prof. Aras, as the Dean of FASE, began by expressing gratitude to Mrs. Maha Al-Khayat for her presence and eagerness to explore potential collaborations. During the meeting, the Dean elaborated on several key areas of collaboration that were identified as potential avenues for partnership between TIU and KIIB. The meeting is an important step toward strengthening ties between academia and industry. The discussions highlighted the potential for meaningful collaborations that would benefit students, the bank, and the community at large. Both parties look forward to building on the outcomes of this meeting and translating them into impactful initiatives. The meeting was also attended by Mrs. Arazu Rozhbayani, a TIU Alumni and also the Head of Relations Department of KIIB.