FASE Instagram/Facebook Page


FASE Instagram/Facebook Page The Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics has recently opened a new Instagram page and a new Facebook page for our students. These social media pages will post everything related to our faculty, such as upcoming midterm and final examinations, new social events, seminars, workshops, conferences, etc. It will be an easy way for you students to stay up to date in the most convenient way possible. We recommend that all FASE students should to follow both the Instagram page and the Facebook page, so you will never miss an upcoming event, and given the benefits of [...]

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Students High GPA Ranking Ceremony


Students High GPA Ranking Ceremony The Student Representatives at the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics at Tishk International University organized a ceremony for academically distinguished students who obtained the highest GPA among their colleagues over all the departments and levels in the faculty. The faculty organizes this event annually to celebrate the achievements of hard-working students and encourage other students towards further success. In this celebration, 36 students were selected as the faculty’s top students based on the Grade Point Average (GPA) for the academic years, 2021-2022. The celebration was attended by staff members, students, and family members. The ceremony commenced at 12:00 PM with a [...]

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