FASE Hiking Trip to Barzan


FASE Hiking Trip The Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics went on a hiking trip with some staff members and above 50 students of the Faculty on Saturday, the 5th of November, 2022 with the help of Dr. Hamdi Serin. The students and staff met up at the University at 7:30 AM, the weather was nice and cold. Once all the students that signed up for the trip had gathered at the university, everyone got into one of the two buses by 8:30 AM. The hiking location that the group was heading towards was in Barzan. On the way to [...]

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Table Tennis Match Announcements


Table Tennis Match Announcements The Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics announces the first table tennis tournament of the semester. After the registration period, the names were collected and selected randomly on the 30th of October, 2022, and the tournament's first game will take place on the 31st of October. 16 players registered for the tournament, and the first round of games will be as follows:  Barz Nawzad (Accounting) Vs. Yousif Abdulmumin (Accounting)  Aidy Atheer (Accounting) Vs. Mohammed Sarhid (Accounting)  Ahmed Shafek (Business) Vs. Hemin Muhammed (Accounting)  Rawezh Khasro (Banking) Vs. Bawar Sabir (Accounting)  Nechirwan Farhad (IRD) Vs. Salih Khasro [...]

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FASE Hiking Trip Registration


FASE Hiking Trip Registration The Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics is planning a hiking trip for its students. The registration has started and will continue till the 2nd of November. Hiking is an activity where, usually a large group, will go on a long walk, often through a mountain area or in the nature. The students who register for this activity, will meet up at 7:30AM at Tishk International University on the 5th of November and will go to Barzan by bus and start hiking once we arrive there. The students will stay in Barzan till the evening at [...]

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