FASE Hiking Trip

The Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics went on a hiking trip with some staff members and above 50 students of the Faculty on Saturday, the 5th of November, 2022 with the help of Dr. Hamdi Serin. The students and staff met up at the University at 7:30 AM, the weather was nice and cold. Once all the students that signed up for the trip had gathered at the university, everyone got into one of the two buses by 8:30 AM.

The hiking location that the group was heading towards was in Barzan. On the way to Barzan, the group stopped once at a Supermarket to get some beverages and snacks on the way and once again at a spot, where the students relaxed for a bit and ordered tea and coffee. After a while, the students got back on the bus and continued the journey.

Around 11:30 AM, the busses arrived at their hiking location. The scenery was beautiful, there were a lot of greeneries, small bodies of water and multiple waterfalls. The group almost immediately started hiking when they arrived, the weather was very pleasant, and the view was astonishing. The road was rocky and somewhat exhausting to climb, but the students still showed enthusiasm and enjoyment while taking on the hike.

At the front of the group, Omar Jabali, who is an experienced hiker was leading the group and showing them the way. After a 1-hour hike, the group took a break and sat down for a bit next to a body of water and a waterfall, again for around 20 minutes. The group had a few snacks and refreshments, while they took their break.

After that, the hike continued and they started heading back to the checkpoint, which is the same way they came from, once they reached the checkpoint, everyone was exhausted and out of breath, but exclaimed how much they enjoyed the hike and the view that comes along with it. Then the group started sitting down and rested, everyone brought food and some people brought enough to share with the entire group, all the participants started sitting with each other, talking, drinking, and eating. Dolma, biryani, tea, coffee, and multiple snacks like simit and wafers were available for all.

Then after an hour of relaxation, they decided to go near another body of water a bit further away to enjoy the sunset and after that, they headed towards a river, once there, they opened a fire and started solving riddles together, tea, coffee and hot chocolate were also served. Then, the group decided to finally head back towards the University and from there, everyone started heading home.