Dear students,

Attending summer school is not only a great opportunity for you to clear your failed courses from the previous years but also an ideal option for you to take courses from upper grades as well.
Summer School pre-registration period (which will enable the department to identify the demands of the students in terms of which courses to be opened and how many students anticipated to register) has to be done through the Student Information System (SIS).
You will have time to pre-register until the end of Sunday. Based on your requests (there should be a minimum 4 students registered to open courses in summer school), the department will decide to open the courses that meet the aforementioned requirements. Upon finalizing your tuition fee payments with an accounting office, you will be able to do the final registration in the system and start your summer school courses as planned online.

For more information, please consider the below-mentioned points if you intend to take summer school courses:

  1. Registration dates:
    • Summer school registration will be opened from Sunday, August 9th, 2020 (Pre-registration day) and will continue until Tuesday, August 11th, 2020.
  2. Registration requirements:
    1. Students who have failed their courses with FF, FD, DD-, DC- or due to attendance (NA) or those who plan to take upper-year courses, may enrol in summer school. Yet, attendance and payment are compulsory.
    2. Students are permitted to register for a maximum of 4 courses only.
    3. Tuition fee stands at 75$ per each credit.
    4. Upon completion of payment, students can finalize the summer school course registration through their Student Information System (SIS) online without the need of completing it on Campus
    5. Students can add/drop courses according to course availability and/or the number of enrolled students per course.

Note: Refer to the below photo for more information on how to register and use the following link to access your Student Information System account: Click here