Seminar by Prof. David Morgan Compares Thematic Analysis and Content Analysis

During an insightful online seminar, Professor David Morgan, an expert in Qualitative Methodology and Focus Groups, shared his knowledge on the topic of Thematic Analysis versus Content Analysis. The seminar was attended by staff members from Tishk International University (TIU) and aimed to clarify these two important research techniques.

Professor David Morgan, who is based at Portland State University and has authored numerous books on the subject, led the seminar. He provided a clear and understandable comparison between Thematic Analysis and Content Analysis, making it easy for the audience to understand the key differences and applications of these methods. Currently, Professor David is researching the use of AI in Qualitative Analysis.

The seminar was a valuable opportunity for attendees from the TIU to enhance their understanding of qualitative research methodologies. Professor David Morgan‘s expertise and engaging presentation style made the complex topic more approachable, benefiting all those who participated.