The faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics is proud of the achievement of the Research Assistants who participated at the International Conference on Management Business and Economics, ICMBE’17(17-18 MARCH 2017) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

At this conference, Mr Karwan Talaat Rashid presented the paper” An Analytical Study to Measure the Efficiency of Advertising on Sale Apple Product as Case Study”. Our Faculty congratulates him for being awarded as the best paper presenter at the conference and wishes to look forward to his contribution towards research.
Mr Fayeq Ali Ali presented the paper titled “Gauging the Association of Employability Skills and Being Employable among Students”

Mrs Diman Salahaddin Jabar presented her paper titled “Analyzing Student’s Attitude toward Foreign Language Learnings”.

The Dean of the faculty Mr Fatih Cura congratulated them for their dedication to academic learning & development, and their interest towards research. He wished them to achieve more success in the future.