The number of refugees is increasing in Erbil by passing time because of insecure conditions in some parts of Kurdistan. They are waiting for someone to help them and be aware of their circumstances.
Tishk International University in cooperation with Dilnawa Organization arranged a charity project for Basrma Camp of west Kurdistan Refugees. They prepared 800 boxes of cleaning material and distributed over 800 refugee families. They bought the cleaning materials from the money that collected from fundraising program (Kermes), which Tishk International University arranged on December 8, 2015.
Students and assistants from Tishk International University helped in buying and distributing those cleaning materials. Also, they were very helpful in collecting the money of fundraising program.
Tishk International University and Dilnawa Organization received a thank you letter from Directorate of Basrma Town for this charity project and showed their support for those kinds of charity projects.