Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics organized an Opening Day seminar for Prospective Students of FASE. In the beginning students were welcomed to the FASE,Tishk International University. The event begun with explaining the general opportunities of the Faculty like scholarships, being employable after graduation, mission and vision of the faculty.

In the seminar Mr. Fayeq Ali and Mrs. Zhiar presented and talked about different aspect of the faculty and also they introduced Head of Business and management and Acting Head of Banking and Finance Department Mr. Karwan Sherwani, Head of Accounting Department Mr. Krishna navulur, International Relations and Diplomacy Department Mr. Ibrahim Anli to prospective students.

During the seminar, Faculty students’ of different department introduced themselves and they discussed their experiences, and social activities in their tenure at Tishk International University.

In the last section students asked different question and Head of Departments explained and answered those questions. At the last students with the faculty members had a 10 minute conversation with having juice and cakes and toured around the faculty in order to see the facilities and services.

The Opening Day seminar is a good opportunity to gather prospective students, current students, Research assistants, and head of departments.