Open Lectures Start

At the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics (FASE) at Tishk International University, every semester, each academic staff member is required to deliver at least one hour-long lecture that will be open to all students at the university, staff, and other stakeholders. The topics will be carefully chosen to attract a diverse range of attendees. An open lecture will be planned to cover the subject of the lectures given by the lecturer and to be given within the scheduled course hours. 

Each department is going to announce its schedule of open lectures at the beginning of each academic semester. This way, everyone can plan ahead and attend the lectures that interest them the most. This approach allows individuals to proactively organize their schedules and attend lectures that align with their specific interests and aspirations. By embracing the ethos of knowledge sharing and nurturing intellectual curiosity, the introduction of the open lecture program elicits genuine excitement. This initiative paves the way for the exchange of ideas and the cultivation of a vibrant academic community.