Mr.Halmet Bradosti’s  Seminar presentation on Virtual Currency on Monday, December 24, 2018 4.00 PM

Mr.Halmet Bradosti, the member of the Faculty Of Administrative Science and Economics ,while focusing on  Virtual Currency elaborated the impact of buyback on stock price in a long term. Stocks repurchase also known as stocks or shares buyback, happens when a company, after issuing, repurchase its own shares from the marketplace. Cash normally used for this transaction yet, debt also used in some cases.

When the price of a stock is low or considered undervalued, it triggers the management to buy its own stocks.  A stock price can be beaten by the market for many reasons like weaker-than-expected earnings results, an accounting scandal or just a poor economic climate. There are other motivations for shares repurchase such as substitute to cash dividends, financial leverage, lack of investment opportunity, or reissuing purpose.

He further added that Investors generally view stocks repurchase as a positive sign; therefore, the immediate impact is that the share price will increase due to the fewer shares in the market. However, that increase may not be sustainable or fade away with the pattern of time. The faculty members, who are present the seminar some queries raised by attendees were well-received by the Mr.Halmet Bradosti,