Mr. Fayeq Ali, Research Assistant & Conference Coordinator of FASE presented a seminar on the theory of “Disruptive Innovation vs. Breakthrough Innovation” organized by the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics of Tishk International University, with the presence of all faculty staff for academic discussion.

Mr. Fayeq Ali started the seminar with the definitions and differences of both Disruptive Innovations vs. Breakthrough Innovation with examples. His emphasis was on wants of consumers became needs in the era of advanced technology. Disruptive Innovation has emerged as one of the theories to find what causes the new goods and services as a disruptor and why disrupters cannot survive, that how CD-ROM eliminated the paperwork as archive material, mobile eliminated fixed telephone, iPod removed traditional music industry and changed to online etc. Organizations should really take care and pay much more and close attention to their consumers in each step of the operations to survive and not being disrupted. Apart from the goods and services, the theory can be used in other areas of the organization, he explained how the theory can be used in the context of education as the process, and innovativeness in using all the available facilities in the service of education and students.
Fruitful questions and answers ended the seminar among all the FASE academic staff on the concept.