Meeting of the Faculty Top Management and the SRC Members

The Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics (FASE) at Tishk International University held a meeting between the top management and the representative student council (SRC) members on February 16th, 2023. The meeting aimed to discuss the student representatives’ proposals and thoughts on improving and improving the academic and social environment at the university.

As the faculty top management team, Dean Prof. Dr. Osman Nuri Aras, Deputy Dean Karwan H. Saeed, Dean of Students Faculty Representative Dr. Hamdi Serin and Mr. Kadhm Saeed participated in the meeting. Hevi Khano, Halez Ali, Mubin Mehdi, Rosy Ismail and Karzan Mohammed were among the members of the faculty SRC members who participated in the meeting.

The meeting began with an introduction by Dean Prof. Aras, who welcomed the faculty SRC members and thanked them for their participation in the meeting. During the meeting, the faculty SRC members shared their opinions and suggestions for improving the faculty. To address the concerns raised, the faculty’s top management team assured the students that they would take immediate action to improve the facilities and support offered to students. The team also promised to consider the student council’s suggestions on how to improve the faculty.

In conclusion, the meeting between the top management team and the faculty SRC members was fruitful. It provided a platform for students to express and share their ideas on improving the academic and social environment at the faculty and the university. Such meetings are essential in ensuring students have a conducive learning environment supporting their academic success.