Management’s Courtesy Visit to Khoshnaw Company

Prof. Dr. Osman Nuri Aras, the Dean of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics (FASE) and Mr. Karwan H. Saeed, the Vice Dean of the FASE, paid a courtesy visit to Khoshnaw Company. The Faculty Management met with Mr. Abdullah Ghafoor Khoshnaw, the Vice Chairman of the Company.

The Faculty Management informed the Company Vice Chairman about the activities they carried out this year to make the education system in the faculty more project, practical and sectoral experience oriented. During the visit, the Faculty Management also shared their development plan for the next academic years, which includes 20 different projects.

Mr. Abdullah Ghafoor Khoshnaw warmly welcomed the FASE Management and attentively listened to their brief on the faculty’s activities in this academic year and the development plan of the next academic year. The Vice Chairman of the Company stated that he has been following the activities carried out at the faculty this year and is contented with the progress made. He also wished the Faculty Management success in achieving their development plan of the next academic year and clearly explained that Khoshnaw Company would support the FASE Management to achieve their goals.

The visit was successful and ended with a positive note, with both parties looking forward to working together for the betterment of the faculty and the company.