We visited a public library recently with Mrs. Hatice Senyurt   and Mrs.Rojan   . 

     Publich library of Hawler-Zaytoon this library is belong of ministry of culture and youth Kurdistan regional goverment, placed in same Abdurrahman park on main road Hawler Musll in the year 1943 established, then moved to new building in 22th October 2008 in the inside of park Sami Abdurrahman.

      It was housed in a great building, in a large and well-appointed room. It was run by friendly Council staff.We are to thank you for Miss. Naz Falakadin Kakaie 

    The moment, I stepped inside the library, I was amazed to see hundreds of the books which were kept in racks. Libraries have many purposes from local and general information centres to a warm place the tramps to go, a newspaper/magazine reading room, children’s play areas to a free internet service and a good movie watching service. There are oldest book from 18th century.You should to see these of kind books

   The reading room for male or female . Korean publicity room. The seminar hall .Childrensection

  Kid’s section was full of books for children. You should to visit with your child or your students.  There were story books, poem books, general knowledge books and comics too. All books were colourful and had many pictures too.  I enjoyed a lot to visit library as it is full of fun with knowledge.

   Students are also provided with the opportunity to read and research …The library will house more than 100,000 books and will provide a national learning centre for students, scholars and citizens of the Kurdistan Region.

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