The much-anticipated “Leaders Talk” event, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at fostering insightful discussions and learning experiences, commenced with great enthusiasm at the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics (FASE). The inaugural edition of the event featured distinguished guest leader Mr. Timothy Fisher, Global CEO of Stirling Education, who shared his wealth of knowledge and experiences on the captivating topic of “Strategic Thinking and Leading Changes”. 

The event saw an impressive turnout of the FASE staff and Student Representative Council (SRC) members, all eager to engage in dialogue and gain valuable insights from the esteemed guest leader. The “Leaders Talk” event provided an exceptional platform for academicians and students alike to delve into the real-world experiences and wisdom of Mr. Timothy. 

The event’s focus on leadership and its applicability in various spheres of life drew participants from diverse backgrounds, all eager to enrich their understanding of the topic.  

“Strategic Thinking and Leading Changes”, the chosen topic for the event, resonated strongly with attendees, as it delved into the dynamics of effective leadership in a rapidly changing world.  

“This event serves as a bridge between academia and the practical world,” remarked Prof. Dr. Osman Nuri Aras, the Dean of FASE, expressing their enthusiasm for the platform. “We are thrilled to witness such an engaging start, and we’re confident that the insights gained here will have a lasting impact on our students and staff.” 

The event also encouraged active participation through interactive Q&A sessions and open discussions. The exchange of ideas and perspectives between the guest speaker and the audience further enriched the learning experience. 

As the event concluded, attendees left with a renewed sense of motivation and a deeper understanding of leadership’s multifaceted nature.