Mr. Karwan Talaat, research assistant of Tishk International university under faculty of administrative sciences and economics was hosted by Kurdistan TV as guest speaker during the program “Good morning Kurdistan” on 12-12-2017.
The program discussion occupied 30 minutes and the title about “How do students can sustain at university during their education?” Mr. Karwan Talaat talked about three important issues that can improve personal skills, sustain the experience of university life and individual career of students.
1.      Building process of students’ capabilities and Skills,
2.      Doing the internship program seriously
3.      Joining training courses apart from regular courses during their education period.
Those factors are optimistic points that will enhance the student’s capabilities and increase the chances with better skills.
Mr.  Miran Mohammed, the TV presenter, thanked Tishk International University & Mr. Karwan Talaat for his valuable time and wished this discussion be valuable for the watchers.