Students of the fourth grade of Business and Management department under Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics visited the Modern Plastic & Star Pack manufacturing goods for kitchen and packaging boxes on 21st Feb 2019 in Erbil under the guidance of Dr Uma Shankar Singh to experience the real life of business and take an idea of how to apply business standards in manufacturing. Mr Selahattin Kesgin and Mr Hoshmand Ali Hasan owners of the companies welcomed the students and explained the core manufacturing process in detail which started from the design office, raw material preparation, to the final goods. Mr Fayeq Ali was the trip assistant and translated the whole business process from input to output from Mr Nurattin Kesgin and Mr Selahattin Kesgin explanations. Students also asked many questions to understand the organization process. The trip ended up with Mr Ali Hassan Mustafa the owner and the father of our student Mr Hoshmand. He shared 32 years of his experiences from different field of business such as textile, real estate, and manufacturing goods. Students got real marketing insight that how the production line works from the importing to final goods. FASE is thankful for their hospitality and experienced shared with our students.