Faculty’s Visit to Meraki-Ventures

In an effort to build upon the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed this year with Meraki-Ventures, the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics at Tishk International University, Dean of the Faculty, Vice-Dean, and Head of Departments, visited Meraki-Ventures, to explore and discuss opportunities for collaboration in the areas of Student Mentoring, Industrial Experience, Internships, and Industrial Advisory Committee.

During the meeting, representatives from both institutions engaged in discussions about the various ways they could work together to provide students with more hands-on experience in the field of Business Management, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship. One of the topics of conversation was the development of mentoring programs which provide students with career paths and development advising by Meraki-Ventures.

In addition to mentoring, the group also discussed opportunities for students to gain industrial experience, which would enable students to work in the company for a short period and learn from experienced professionals. These internships would provide students with practical experience and exposure to the day-to-day operations of a successful company.

Another important topic of discussion was the establishment of an Industrial Advisory Committee, which would bring together industry professionals, academics, and students to provide guidance and direction for the faculty’s Entrepreneurship programs. This committee would provide valuable insights and recommendations on industry trends and best practices, helping to ensure that the faculty’s programs remain relevant and effective.

Overall, the meeting was a positive step forward in the collaboration between the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics and Meraki-Ventures. By working together, these two institutions are helping to ensure that students receive the best possible education and practical experience.

Tishk International University | Faculty of business