Faculty’s Visit to IT Lobby Company

The Dean and Vice Dean of the faculty recently visited the IT Lobby Company, a leading electronics company that owns many brands in Iraq and the Middle East, such as Xiaomi. The faculty representatives were welcomed by the CEO of the company, Mr. Khalid Noori, and the Operations Manager, Mr. Abdulrahman Noori, both of whom are alums of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics.

The purpose of the visit was to discuss the establishment of an official relationship between the faculty and the IT Lobby Company. During the meeting, both sides explored potential collaboration opportunities, including joint projects, internships for students, and other educational initiatives.

The faculty representatives were impressed with the achievements and progress at IT Lobby Company and praised the company for its innovative approach to the electronics industry. They also expressed their gratitude to Mr. Khalid Noori and Mr. Abdulrahman Noori for their warm welcome and hospitality.

The visit was a testament to the strong ties between the faculty and its alumni, who have gone on to achieve great success in their respective fields. The Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics at Tishk International University looks forward to working closely with IT Lobby Company in the future and to signing a Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen its relationship with the industry and its graduates.