Faculty Management Met IAM Representatives on Cooperation

The Dean of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics (FASE), Prof. Osman N. Aras, and the Vice Dean, Mr. Karwan H. Saeed, recently met with representatives from the Institute of Administrative Management (IAM) to discuss potential collaboration opportunities. The main focus of the discussion was to explore ways in which the FASE and IAM could work together for the benefit of students, staff, and individuals interested in leadership, management, and administrative areas.

The meeting was attended by the Dean and the Vice Dean of FASE and the IAM representatives, who shared their ideas and insights on how collaboration between the two institutions could be achieved. The discussion centered around developing joint courses or training programs that would benefit students, staff, and individuals seeking professional development in the aforementioned areas.

The Dean and the Vice Dean of FASE expressed enthusiasm for the potential collaboration, highlighting the mutual benefits that could be derived from the partnership. They emphasized the importance of providing opportunities for students and staff to gain practical experience, exposure to real-world challenges, and access to the latest developments in the field.

The IAM representatives also expressed their interest in the collaboration, stating that it would provide a platform for sharing knowledge and expertise. They noted that the partnership would enable both institutions to leverage their respective strengths, benefiting the wider community.

The meeting ended on a positive note, with both parties agreeing to prepare specific proposals to explore potential collaboration opportunities further.