FASE Departments Establish Minor Areas

In a dedicated effort to further enrich the academic experience of our students, each department within the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics (FASE) at Tishk International University is introducing the concept of Minor Areas. The primary objective of this project is to establish specialized minor areas within each department under the FASE umbrella, thereby affording students the opportunity to pursue a focused set of courses aligned with their specific areas of interest.

These minor areas will prove especially advantageous to students when considering their area elective courses. These elective courses will be thoughtfully curated and bundled together based on the minor area that students express a keen interest in. For instance, if a student is drawn to a minor area centred around human resources (HR), they will have the privilege of selecting a package of area elective courses exclusively tailored to that domain. Upon successfully completing all the area elective courses within a specific minor package, students will be granted a supplementary document attesting to their proficiency in the chosen minor area. This document will be awarded to the students upon graduation, thereby significantly augmenting their employability and job prospects.

Ultimately, this pioneering project aims to equip students with an in-depth understanding and expertise in their chosen areas of interest, ultimately bolstering their academic achievements and enhancing their professional opportunities. Thus, it serves as a testament to their specialized knowledge and serves as a valuable asset in their pursuit of successful careers.