International Workshop on Creativity and Innovation Week in Iraq, Kurdistan- 2024

In a collaborative effort to foster creativity and innovation, Tishk International University (TIU) and Erbil Polytechnic University (EPU) jointly organized an international workshop during the World Creativity and Innovation Week. This initiative aimed to provide a platform for students to explore and enhance their creative and problem-solving skills through interactive sessions and practical exercises.

The workshop was hosted by Tishk International University, with presence of Prof. Dr. Sultan T. Abu-Orabi, President of Tishk International University, and Prof. Dr. Edrees Muhammad Harki, President of Erbil Polytechnic University, Deans, Vice President Dr. Fatih Cura, deans, vice deans, head of departments, lecturers, and students. The workshop commenced with a warm welcome speech by both university presidents Prof. Dr. Sultan T. Abu-Orabi and Prof. Dr. Edrees Muhammad Harki.

Then, Mr. Fayaq Ali, Head of the Business and Management Department, delivered an opening speech, providing an overview of the workshop’s agenda and objectives. His presentation set the stage for a day filled with insightful discussions and practical activities aimed at nurturing creativity and innovation among the participants.

A highlight of the event was a keynote address by the esteemed guest of honour, Prof Dr. Jim Freidman, a Creativity Professor at Miami University and Chief Steward of World Creativity & Innovation Week/Day. His impassioned speech on global creativity and innovation set the stage for a series of engaging discussions.

Mr. Nyaz Abdulla led and hosted the workshop, with Dr. Abdulla Nabeel as Workshop Moderator, guiding discussions. They brought together respected speakers who shed light on the various aspects of creativity and innovation. The workshop featured a distinguished panel of experts, including Mr. Abdulsalam Madani, CEO of Rwanga Foundation; Zanear Jabbar, University Lecturer and Ambassador of World Creativity and Innovation Week in Iraq Kurdistan and Ms. Hedi Kamala, Entrepreneurship Expert & Board Member-Iraq. They shared their expertise on topics ranging from creativity and innovation to problem-solving skills and entrepreneurship. The workshop included interactive sessions where students from both universities actively participated. These sessions provided an opportunity for students to engage in practical exercises, collaborate with their peers. The hands-on approach facilitated active learning and encouraged students to explore innovative solutions to complex problems.

During the lunch break, participants had the opportunity to network and interact with each other, as well as with the panelists and faculty members. This informal setting fostered connections and facilitated the exchange of ideas, further enhancing the collaborative learning experience.

In the afternoon session, students were divided into groups and engaged in practical exercises and team-building activities. These activities included brainstorming games and the analysis of real-life case studies. Faculty members from both universities provided guidance and support, encouraging students to think critically and creatively as they worked together to find solutions to the challenges presented.

At the end of the workshop, certificates of participation were awarded to both students and lecturers in recognition of their active involvement and contribution to the event. This gesture acknowledged their commitment to learning and their dedication to fostering a culture of creativity and innovation within their academic community.

The workshop concluded with closing remarks emphasizing the importance of fostering a culture of creativity and innovation in academic settings. Participants were encouraged to continue exploring new ideas, collaborating with their peers, and embracing innovation as they embarked on their academic and professional journeys.