Dr Fatih Cura, Dean of Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics with Dr Uma Shankar Singh, Lecturer Tshik International University visited his excellence Mr Tsewang Namgyal the ambassador of India in Poland and Lithunia as the courtesy visit based on the prior appointment. The warm welcome by the embassy overwhelmed and this excellence showed his concern for the development of academy and society of Kurdistan region. He is well aware of the Kurdistan and shared his experience with the Kurdish population. Dr Fatih shared the contribution of Indian lecturer to academy and research and future plans of TIU for Indian population. Presentation of the second international conference ICABEP 2019, created a very positive image of TIU in Poland. Further, during the meeting, Dr Uma Shankar shared the purpose of this academic collaboration tour with European universities and expectation from the Indian embassy for the support in practical relationship establishment with Europe. His excellence smilingly appreciated the approach of making TIU international and assured for his support with the acceptance of visit TIU in coming future.