Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics with the cooperation of the Deanery of Students and Ministry of Social Responsibility organized a social activity under the name of Charity for Give to getting Happiness Kurdistan Free from Poverty of Erbil.

In this Activity, more than 10 Students Participated with three assistants from the Faculty. The students visited the selected houses, which was, sent by Ministry of Social Responsibility and started collecting data about the needs of those families (food, kitchen orange juice and date…) so we organized 15 packages for those 15 families each package are enough to for one month for each family

Then on 23 & 24 on May 2018. Assistants and students started buying and distributing the (food, kitchen orange juice and date…) to the families.

In the end, the families appreciated the effort of the University for providing such a help to them especially in Ramadan. The holy month of Ramadan