Appreciation Letter to FASE Staff

Tishk International University (TIU) recently achieved a significant milestone, ranking first among all private universities in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region in January 2023. This is a significant improvement, as TIU had previously held third place among Kurdistan universities and fifteenth in Iraq. On a global scale, TIU is now ranked 3166, a notable increase from 3333 in August 2022.

In celebration of this accomplishment, the university’s presidency organized a dinner to recognize the hard work of TIU’s staff and faculty. Appreciation letters were given to the deans of faculties on behalf of the staff, and deans will further bestow recognition to their department heads.

The appreciation letter to FASE staff was presented by President Dr. Abdul Samad to the Faculty Dean, Prof. Osman Nuri Aras.
This tremendous achievement affirms TIU’s commitment to providing quality education and is a sign of a bright future for the university. With the continued commitment of academic and administrative staff, TIU will remain an educational leader and become a regional powerhouse.

Tishk International University | Faculty of business