Tishk International university Faculty of Administrative sciences and Economics arranged a seminar for 4th year students on “Domestic Violence and Violence against Women”. The seminar was presented by the lieutenant – colonel Zhilamo from ( directorate of combating the violence against the women/ Erbil ) , lieutenant Zhilamo shed a light on different issues such as the  the modification and the implementations of the Domestic Violence act published by Anti-Domestic Violence law in the Kurdistan region of Iraq (article 2),force marriages, violence in the family and in the household, human trafficking, suicide and the legally establishment of the consequence of domestic violence.  Mr zhilamo also stated the misuse of social media and provided students with real life examples and the legal consequences of the act. The seminar was very beneficial for our students since it outlined the issues of social life and raised awareness of the rules and regulations related to the issues.  As the Faculty of Economics and Administrative sciences we would like to express our sincere gratitude to lieutenant- colonel Zhilamo for taking the time to present such a beneficial seminar to our students.